New issue of IJMH

The lastest issue of the IJMH has been published: Volume 29, Issue 4, November 2017.

David J Starkey

The Sasanian Navy revisited: An unwritten chapter in Iran’s military history, by Vladimir A. Dmitriev

Why were Dutch East Indiamen so slow?, by Peter M. Solar, Pim de Zwart

Whatever happened to those villains of the Indian seas? The happy retirement of the Madagascar pirates, 1698–1721, by Ryan Holroyd

Finding longitude: The Investigator expedition, 1801–1803, by Kenneth Morgan

Infectious disease mortality in British merchant seamen and Lascars since 1900: From causes to controls, by Tim Carter, Stephen E Roberts

Emerging as a national figure: Walter Runciman and the rise of the British tramp shipowner, by Oliver Carpenter

Maritime trade and merchant shipping: The shipping/trade ratio since the 1870s, by Jari Ojala, Stig Tenold

Continuity and breakdown: Taiwan’s customs service during the Japanese occupation, 1895–1945, by Lin Yuju

Liverpool as a trading port: Sailors’ residences, African migrants, occupational change and probated wealth, by Stephen D. Behrendt, Robert A. Hurley

Research note
The ordinary merchant ship in the British Atlantic, 1600–1800: A call for further research, by Phillip Reid