Call for Applications: Opening Access to the Heritage & Education Centre

Opening Access to the Heritage & Education Centre

More details can be found on the website here. Applicants need to apply using the specially created application form in the document.

Essentially we are looking to fund between 3-6 small scale research projects over 3-6 months using HEC’s collections (between £5,000 – £10,000).

We do not fund individuals but are looking for museums, archives, libraries and Universities to apply with associated collections to put ours in a wider context.

The funding will pay for travel, and other costs but not salaries.

The research projects have to fit in with the research priorities from the research plan:

  1. Development of ship and yacht building since the 1800s
  2. Impact of maritime sector on world trade and trade routes
  3. Safety at sea
  4. Depiction of maritime technology in art

Applications are due in by 9 February, and will go through a peer review process, before the final ones going to the Grants Application Meeting (GAM).

For more details, see this link.