Latest issue of IJMH, November 2019, has been published

It includes a list of interesting articles and research notes:

Oscar Schiavone, Luca Martini (1547–61): A case study in the military administration and commercial exploitation of the northern Tyrrhenian in the Renaissance

Fernando Jorge Cruz Mouta, Por Virtud del Asiento: The naval logistics of the slave trade to the Spanish Indies (1604-1624)

Joseph Gibbs, The brevity and severity of ‘Golden Age’ piracy trials

Peter Hobbins, Anne Clarke, Ursula K Frederick, Born on the voyage: Inscribing emigrant communities in the twilight of sail

Samuel Andriessen, The Battle of the Atlantic: The environmental front of World War II

Isabel Campbell, A re-assessment of the Royal Canadian Navy’s 1948 northern voyages into Hudson Bay and its place in oceanographic research

Martin Eriksson, Beyond economic policy: The post-war expansion of ice-breaking in Sweden from a small state perspective

Ulf Brunnbauer, Andrew Hodges, The long hand of workers’ ownership: Performing transformation in the Uljanik Shipyard in Yugoslavia/Croatia, 1970-2018

Omer Ali Ibrahim, Sufian Eltayeb Mohamed Abdel- Gadir, Sonal Devesh, The potential of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a means of developing ports: Evidence from Oman

Patrick J. Klinger, Herring politics: Northern Scotland’s herring fishing industry, 1660-1707